Terms and conditions


“Halkidiki Villa” is the trade name of our company “Meliton Group” - a company registered in the EU under number 203205336 and has a representative office and address:

Thessaloniki, 148 Vasilisis Olgas Blvd., code. 54645, Greece

We (Meliton Group ltd) do not assume any responsibility in connection with the rental services you will receive on the spot or other additional arrangements, actions or omissions of the provider (s) or other person (s) or party (s) who/which represents him officially.

For all arrangements, a contract will be provided between you and the property owner / his representative, or will be signed by us / with an authorized signature (only in some special cases for which we have the authority to do so).

Our responsibility is to arrange your booking and receive a specific offer that you have approved and agreed to pay for as a service.

The final service is performed by the owner / company managing the property, not by us.

Important: When you make your reservation through us, we will arrange for you to enter into agreements with the owner / service provider.

Your reservation with us is subject to compliance with these "General Terms" and the specific such booking conditions of the relevant provider (s) with whom you enter into a contract. That is why we recommend that you read both carefully (the contract and its terms) before making the reservation.

You can request a copy of the concluded contracts from us at any time.

You can decide to make one or more reservations with us at the same time. Like each one will be charged separately, and will be with a separate contract.


  • You are authorized to agree on the terms of the reservation with all persons included in the contract and represent them all.
  • You have read all of these “Terms and Conditions” and agree to be bound by them
  • You will represent all members of your group
  • You are over 18 years old


Once you have selected the property you would like to book, you can send an online reservation request through our website by filling out the inquiry form or direct e-mail.

When you send an inquiry through our online booking system, we receive an automatically generated message requesting a reservation by e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible with comprehensive information about - prices, booking conditions, vacancies.

A temporary reservation will be made when we receive an official request from you for a reservation and we have received confirmation from the Provider that we can proceed with your reservation. On behalf of the supplier, we will temporarily hold the property of your choice for forty-eight (48) hours - until you pay the advance amount. To receive a booking confirmation, you must provide a deposit as required by the provider (usually in advance of 30% of the total booking amount).

If payment is not received within 48 hours after the contract is issued, we will cancel the temporary reservation on behalf of the provider automatically and the requested dates will be released (This period is reduced to 24 hours for last minute bookings)

After receiving the relevant payment, we will secure the selected property for the requested dates and send you a booking confirmation and gps address.

Please check carefully all the details in the contract and report any inaccuracies or possible lack of information to us immediately. As we only act as a booking agent, we are not responsible for errors in the documentation, except when the error was made by us.

If you have paid a deposit, you must pay the full balance by the due date (if any) or on arrival. It is mandatory to pay the balance before accommodating the group. If the guests of the villa will arrive at different hours, the payment must be made by the first guest to be accommodated. Accommodation cannot be made if the remaining amount of the contract is not paid.

If payment is not made before check-in (or the expiration date), the provider may cancel your reservation and charge cancellation fees specified in their booking conditions. Except in cases where there are additional provisions that will be described in the contract.


A security deposit may be required upon check-in from the provider. It serves as a guarantee that there will be no damage to the property upon leaving as during your staying. In case of any damage during your staying the property owner or our agency will notify you for the exact amount of damage after technical inspection. However, you will be informed of the amount of this guarantee deposit before making your reservation.

Sanctions may be in cases:

  • Unreasonable damages of the property, including the pool and its garden
  • Loss of keys
  • Unwashed garbage, forgotten products in the refrigerator
  • Damage to property, furniture’s, devises, bathroom pumps and installations.
  • Excessive electricity costs
  • Additional cleaning costs
  • Clogged ducts / WC
  • Smoking in the property


The security deposit is usually refundable when you leave the property, but in some cases, it can be withheld for up to 14 days. In the event of damage caused by you or a member of your company during your stay, we, on behalf of the provider, will notify you as soon as possible of any evidence provided by the owner of the problem. The cost of each corrective action must be deducted from the deposit (for breakage or repair) by the supplier.

In case of major damage requiring specialist attention, the recovery of the reminder of the deposit for breakage cannot be guaranteed. In the event that the cost of repairing losses or damages caused by you or a member of your party exceeds the deposit held, we, on behalf of the supplier, will notify you of any amount due.

The provider reserves the right to seek reimbursement of any additional costs the amount of the deposit for more serious damages and therefore adequate personal liability insurance is highly recommended. In case of additional costs, we will provide you with an official document with details of the supplier in order to facilitate the recovery directly.

As we only act as an agent, we will not enter into negotiations or arbitration between you and the provider regarding the deposit and any such discussions will be held directly between you and the provider.


We reserve the right to change the advertised prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices.

Special note: changes and errors sometimes occur. You must check the price of your chosen reservation before making the payment.

We do not store or process debit or credit card data, instead we use the most secure payment way.

All payments are made in EURO

You agree that you will bear all fees for the transfer of the advance amount yourself.

All prices will be valid for up to 48 hours in which they are submitted as an offer. You can request a new offer if these hours have passed. We reserve the right to change prices.



We strongly recommend to book your private travel insurance for all members of your company. Some providers require you to do this. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you buy is adequate and appropriate for your specific needs.

Please read the details of the rules for obtaining insurance and take them with you on your holiday.


If you have any special requests (extra food delivery, private chef, cots, etc.), please inform us at the time of booking. We will pass on all such requests to the supplier, but we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled and we will not be liable to you if they are not. Please make sure you receive written confirmation of any requirements you have.


The service provider (owner) may charge cancellation or amendment fees based on specified contractual terms.

Usually, our suppliers charge the following cancellation fees:

Advance deposit (usually 30% -50% of the total final amount): NO RIGHT OF REFUND

Charging 100% of the total holiday expenses when:

If cancellation notice is received less than 8 weeks before the start date of the reservation, you will be responsible for the full price of the reservation.

Some of the providers provide the restorer with the option of your chosen arrangements and apply different conditions to cancel the ones listed above. We will inform you about them at the time of booking. Where possible: the provider should actively try to resell canceled dates to other customers. If successful, he will reduce your charge according to the deal he manages to make at the last minute and refund the difference on the reservation. Of course, this runs the risk of drastically reducing the price and the amount refunded to you is not complete.

Please note: Our service providers often treat booking changes requested less than 60 days before the date of arrival as a booking cancellation and may therefore apply the cancellation policy specified in their booking conditions. For example: change of your dates, change of number of nights / less than agreed /


If the provider needs to make a significant change to your confirmed agreements or cancel them, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will also liaise between you and the provider in connection with any alternative arrangements proposed by the provider, but we are no longer liable to you.


Some of the luxury property providers may have restrictions, or certain conditions for the clients residing in their property, and some providers may have restrictions on the types of reservations they will accept in their property.

Only the main tenant of the villa and the guests included in the list can be accommodated in the villa. All additional guests are not accepted in the property without the consent of the owner of the villa.

Changing guests in the villa without the knowledge and permission of the owner is considered subletting and prohibited.

For example, most of our providers state that events or celebrations are not allowed on their properties where the capacity will exceed the maximum number of guests in the reservation without the prior written consent of the provider, including young children. In such circumstances, admission to the property may be denied or you may be asked to release it immediately if this condition is not met. The provider may also charge an additional fee for additional guests.

Halkidiki is a place for family and quiet vacation. Neighbors do not tolerate forcing cars and loud music from them. There may be a complaint to the police or the property owner.


Your contract is with the supplier and its booking conditions apply. As an agent, we are not responsible for the actual fulfillment of the provided conditions. Our responsibilities are limited to making a reservation in accordance with your instructions.

All information provided is based on our good faith and the information provided by the owner. However, in the event that we are responsible for you, our maximum liability to you is limited to the amount of commission we earn from your booking (or the appropriate part of it).


We are not responsible for the conditions of arrival in the Hellenic Republic. Requirements are subject to change, so we strongly recommend that you check the latest information with the authorities.

We recommend that you carry your EU health card (if you have one) or take out private health insurance for traveling abroad.


As the contract for your arrangements is between you and the supplier - all questions and complaints should be addressed to them. If you have a problem during your vacation, you should report it immediately to the supplier or the property manager. If you do not have a quick and satisfactory result, you have the right to claim monetary compensation by sending an official e-mail to the owner and this often helps for a positive result.

We provide all the details and contacts of the owner in all the confirmation documents we send you that you can use in this case.


All properties included in our website are subject to inspection and personal visit by our agents on an annual basis. But we do not give an official assessment of the safety of the property, as well as the quality of the service provided. All equipment is under the control of the service provider. Although we make every effort to evaluate these properties, we do not have the ability to analyze in depth the functionality and well-being of each villa.

We are not responsible for misrepresentations, inaccuracies or omissions regarding the property. For example, water pressure, efficiency of the electrical system during loading during the season, the quality of the service provided by ISPs (Internet Service Provider), etc.

We also exclude liability for any change made by the supplier after our inspection. Changes may occur between the preparation of the description and your accommodation reservation; Therefore, we reserve the right to change any of the facilities or services that are advertised.

We are not responsible for modifications made by the supplier without our knowledge, for interruption of water supply, communication services and internet provider gas or electricity; for damage to filtration systems or pool heating, the chemicals used, cleaning method.

When we visit a property, it does not mean any responsibility for risks such as theft and safety of children and members of your company. We are not responsible for the sunbeds you use on the beach, nor for the condition of the beach and the sea.


Any personal information provided by you is used and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act. GPDR


Copyright and all other rights are the property of Meliton Group, the official owner. Copying the content of the site for any commercial or business use is strictly prohibited.


Neither we nor the provider of the arrangements you have chosen can assume any liability or pay compensation in the event of a Force major circumstances. Force majeure is any event that we or the respective provider could not control or prevent. Such events may include war or threat of war, civil unrest, natural or nuclear disasters, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, fire, pandemic, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen local buildings or road works by local government or other national local authorities, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, closure of borders, cancellation or change of schedule by scheduled airlines and all similar circumstances beyond our control.


We cannot predict the state of the environment, which may change (changes due to strong storms, rains, etc.)

Example: The condition of the beach may change due to various natural and meteorological processes, such as the loss of some sand, waves carrying stones and seaweed, the disappearance of part of the beach due to a major storm.

Also, local laws may change the conditions for private use of sunbeds and umbrellas during the season. Please inform yourself before arriving about such changes


If you need additional services during your stay, such as additional cleaning, catering, supermarket delivery, etc., please let us know as early as possible from the date of arrival. In general, at least 7-14 days before the date of arrival is required to arrange additional services.

When you need additional services, we will direct you to our carefully selected local Provider, but we are not responsible for its services.


You must adhere to the arrival and departure times that will be provided by the provider. They are usually from 16.00 to 17.00 arrival and no later than 21.00 and from 10.00 to 11.00 departure to allow accommodation on the same day.

Please inform the supplier in case of delay. You may be charged if you do not arrive at the agreed time and there is a big difference between the agreed time and your actual arrival.

Leaving the property is strictly determined by a specific time. All delays will be charged with part of your guarantee amount.


By law, you are obliged to take all reasonable and proper care of the property, including the garden and the pool, and leave them in the same condition in which you found it.

In case of damage to property or equipment during the stay you are obliged to inform the supplier as soon as possible and within 24 hours; if this is not possible, you must contact us to report the damage.

You are obliged to leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. This includes cleaning all cutlery and disposing of rubbish in rubbish bins or recycling outside the property. Failure to comply with this condition may result in deduction of part of the deposit.

You agree to respect your area and not to disturb or irritate the occupants of neighboring properties. You also agree not to make noise in excess of the permissible limits. The provider reserves the right to enter the property in case of problems related to the care of the property and to ask you to leave immediately if he finds that it is in a neglected or damaged condition.


Neither we nor the provider of the arrangements of any liability for the loss of or damage to any of your personal belongings and vehicles.

When leaving, make sure you take all your belongings with you. We are not responsible for providing courier services. If this still happens, you can hire a courier to send your belongings back.

Swimming pools and jacuzzi

Swimming pools and jacuzzi carry risks in their use. Jumping high or diving while drinking alcohol is prohibited. You should also look after young children when they are near him.

You should check the pool every day before use and report any visible defects.

Bed linen and towels

Sunscreen, fake tan, waterproof makeup and hair dye - all can cause permanent damage to bed linen and towels and we ask you to keep this in mind when using these products. We recommend that if you plan to use such products during your stay, that you bring your own spare bed linen and towels to prevent damage to property. If damage / staining occurs and the items cannot be cleaned, a fee may be charged from your Deposit.


Please note that the offers on our property site do not smoke. If you fail to comply with this condition, your security deposit may be forfeited.


Pets are allowed only with the prior written consent of the owner; he may charge an additional accommodation fee when pets are allowed.

When pets have access to the property, they must be kept under control at all times and are not allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture. You are responsible for damage caused by pets, whether inside or outside the property. If additional cleaning of the property is required - the fee will be deducted from your guarantee.

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