Tourist attractions Halkidiki


Halkidiki's beaches

The beaches of Halkidiki are famous for their soft sand, the crystal water and the lush surroundings. Also are the bluest, cleanest and warmest waters in all of Greece. This turquoise swimming paradise combined with the golden pristine sands has been awarded every year with prestigious Blue Flags from the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe.The F.E.E.E.’s ( purpose is not only to test the water quality and beach cleanliness, but also to look into how environmentally friendly the area is.The most famous of them: Bousoulas beach, Sani Club Beach, Paliouri beach, Glarokavos, Afitos, Vourvourou, Ierisos, Porto Koufo, Neos Marmaras and many, many others.


All over Halkidiki, the bars and cafeterias are opened until late at night. You can listen to any music, from traditional Greek to international trance, pop, jazz or alternative rock. The night clubs are usually opened until 6 or 7 AM the next morning. The music is varied and you will find famous DJs heating the atmosphere. During summer the streets are jammed with partying crown looking for one of the many clubs and bars opened until morning.

Sea Sports

Chalkidiki offers a variety of sea sports, including Scuba diving, jet ski, surf, beach volley, tennis and more. For the Golf players is available the international standard 18 hole Golf course as one of the best in Greece located in Sithonia peninsula. Chalkidiki is one of the richest natural places in Greece. Many activities take place as walking, biking, health springs and cruises. Also Horse riding is organized in Sithonia peninsula, as well as Holomontas mountain.

Halkidiki is the ideal summer destination in Greece for amazing excursions, visiting historical places, stunning secret beaches, wine tourism, yachting, sea sports, gastronomy, villas with yoga retreat services, hiking and more.

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Chalkidiki is not just a summer place, a wide range of cultural events organized as musical festivals with performers from all over the world, exhibitions of work by new and established artists, theatrical performances, film screenings and more.


Greece is the country of the Mediterranean kitchen. Wherever you eat you will be enjoying a gastronomic adventure. The olive oil, the cheeses, herbs and honey, the local wine, tsipouro and the fresh fishes gives you the best taste for unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Northern Greece are full of monuments and historical places. Chalkidiki is situated in the center of Macedonia giving an advantage to meet the region. Many excursions are organized in Ancient Dion, Thessaloniki, Meteora and the birth place of Great Alexander Vergina –Pella. With a coastline that stretches well over 500 kilometres, Halkidiki has many attractions and cultural events which, predictably concern the coast. This in itself is the most important reason beach holidays in Greece. It has innumerable beaches, some of which are award winners for being the best maintained in the whole of the country. All these make yet another reason for you to make Greek holidays. Halkidiki is bound to offer the holiday of a lifetime!


Petralona cave

A trip to the Cave of Petralona with its intriguing canyons and the nearby Anthropological Museum in the capital of Polygyros is a great way to find out more about Halkidiki and soak up authentic Greek culture.

Holy Mount Athos

Mount Athos is situated in the entire third, eastern and most beautiful peninsula of Halkidiki, called the peninsula of Athos. It is the only place in Greece that is completely dedicated to prayer and worship of God. For this reason, it is called the Holy Mount.

The natural beauty of the peninsula is extraordinary. The highest point of Mount Athos is like a huge cone, reaching 2033 metres in height. It’s a naked, treeless crest that seems to lance the sky and its slopes are fully covered by ancient evergreens. All these help to create an area of incomparable natural beauty. Hundreds of Monasteries and are located in Holy Mount Athos. The Holy Mount is a self- governed part of the Greek state, subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its political aspect and to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinopole as regards its religious aspect. Visitors can approach the area taking cruise boat from Ouranoupolis port. The entrance is prohibited to the women and the visitor needs a permition of staying.

Ancient Stagira / Aristotle’s Park

Aristotle’s park is located in Stagira. The Theme park is located in a most outstanding area with a marvelous view towards the gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. When the weather is clear you can see some of the monasteries on Mount Athos using the telescopes there. It also includes a series of other instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. All of this is dedicated to the famous philosopher and his work called “the Natural”.

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